Freestyle Glossary of terms

Our Lingo decoded

Term/Acronym Definition
AD Active Directory
API Application Program Interface
Asset Application or a device which is communicated with by an FME
Asset Owner Owner of an asset
BPEL Business Process Execution Language for Web Services
BSS Business Support Systems
Consumer Entity who communicates with their asset via a network provider
Distributor Manufacturer or distributor of an asset
Delegate Third party client of a Consumer
FAM Freestyle Asset Manager
FME Freestyle Microengine
FME Application Application which is hosted on an FME. 
They are used to communicate with the device hardware
FME Gateway Freestyle Microengine Gateway
FMP Freestyle Management Platform
Freestyle enabled device Device which has a FME embedded in it
FMS Freestyle Management Server
G/W Gateway
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Mash-up Combining of data from Freestyle's M2M Platform with other Cloud Platforms
M2M Machine to Machine
M2M Switch Gateway which federates the access to all FME network providers
Network Provider Private network of FME's which provide access for consumers to communicate with their assets and applications
OTA Over the Air Upgrades
OSS Operations Support Systems
PaaS Platform as a Service
RBAC Role-based Access Control
REST Representational State Transfer
SDK Software Development Kit
WSDL Web Services Definition Language
XML Extensible Markup Language
XSD XML Schema Definition
XSL Extensible Stylesheet Language
XSLT XSL Transformation