The Switch

M2M Switch

The Freestyle M2M Switch is a scalable cloud-based 'management platform' which provides secure access to remote FME. enabled devices. It's a single, business-grade enterprise solution for all M2M vertical markets. This means you no longer need to source or create cumbersome proprietary systems for each of your M2M projects.


When we say all M2M vertical markets, we mean it. Utility, automotive, logistics, healthcare, consumer goods and retail customers all connect to the same cloud platform.


When you build-in intelligence and applications (i.e. our FME) into air conditioners, cars, trucks, white goods, household and commercial appliances, utility assets and gas or electricity meters, you get full, seamless interoperability between these end-devices and your back-office systems. It's not just simple data collection either. The communication goes both ways, e.g. downloading applications to your deployed M2M devices to ensure the devices are up-to-date with your customers' needs. All this functionality is thanks to our 'comms agnostic' M2M Switch. Another Freestyle game-changer.


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