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It's the promise of IoT without the hassles of being locked into proprietary systems, limited networking options and obsolete-too-soon hardware. It's all of your remote devices, talking with each other, your customers and your team, across any medium. It's a level of efficiency, responsiveness and interoperability that until now you've only dreamt of. And it's all powered by our cloud-based IoT Switch and the FME. This is IoT our way.

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A gas-leak or pressure drop is detected via an FME enabled device. The alarm goes out to all relevant stakeholders - instantly - via our M2M Switch and since the M2M Switch is two-way, messages and actions can be sent to the gateway and the end-device as well - instantly. Save time. Save money. Save lives. 

They can't give you a single platform to address ALL M2M vertical markets; migrate your proprietary solutions to an 'open' solution; upgrade or expand the functionality of all your deployed devices in one hit by sending them a new application (far simpler than firmware upgrades) and thereby extend your asset's useful life; or enable your end-devices to make intelligent decisions (via FME) without the need for commands to be sent from your end.

Yes, ANY data. Simple data, video, small packets and large. And we can give it to you in real-time; store and forward it at predetermined intervals or on demand.

Disruptions happen - from freak weather events to maintenance and upgrades (planned and unplanned) - but with Freestyle disruptions don't have to be disastrous for your customers - or your bottom line. Our technology can pinpoint and diagnose problems, suggest solutions and can even be preconfigured to make time, money and life saving decisions in a split-second - automatically.

Devices powered by our FME don't wait to be told what to do in critical situations. They automatically (and instantly) respond to alarms, alerts and events with their own set of instructions. Other solutions have to send a message to a back-end server and wait for a response from your systems or perhaps even a physical operator. Of course they still communicate with your back-end, but they get the important stuff out of the way first. Again, saving time, saving money and saving lives.

Freestyle provides dedicated security on top of that provided by your telco/communication partners. Your access to our M2M Switch, your FME enabled devices (non FME enabled devices too) and the data-streams between them are all secure. And we support battery powered or 'sleepy' devices and this ensures all data from these to your back-end are resent once normal services are restored in the event of a comms problem.

Our FME code can be as tiny as 150kb and can be integrated into any mains or battery powered device. All managed via our M2M Switch if a device has information you want, we can get it for you.

Freestyle is truly 'comms agnostic'. If your data needs to get to you via cellular, Wi-Sun, ZigBee, WiFi, ZWave, Ethernet, serial, DSL etc. we'll get it to you without a hitch.

We'll manage any M2M vertical market and any device via ONE platform. Any proprietary device which is FME enabled can control/speak to an FME enabled device from an entirely different manufacture. It's the high-tech version of cats and dogs living (happily) together.

Talk to us about how IoT our way can be your way too.

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