Freestyle M2M overview

Freestyle's M2M overview


Freestyle's M2M overview

M2M is short for Machine-to-Machine technology, but you may know it as 'The Internet of Things'. It's the future of how we interact with the technology around us in our daily lives and in our businesses. The era of connecting things, through smart networks and smart devices is here.


Our technology, based on a vision of interoperability, scalability and openness, has been designed to integrate into any M2M device, be it mains or battery powered and is completely comms agnostic. Freestyle is empowering the growth of M2M by overcoming the limitations and inefficiencies found elsewhere in the M2M market. The non-proprietary nature of our solutions, our 'comms agnostic' approach and our innovative products make Freestyle unique in the M2M world.


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