COMMS: How we connect

COMMS (How we connect)

Freestyle is truly 'comms agnostic'. If your data needs to get to you via cellular, Wi-Sun, ZigBee, WiFi, ZWave, Ethernet, serial, DSL etc. we'll get it to you without a hitch. 


Yes, ANY data. Simple data, video, small packets and large. And we can give it to you in real-time; store and forward it at predetermined intervals or on demand. 


We talk a lot about being 'comms agnostic' but it's core to what we do, who we are and it's what sets Freestyle apart from others in the M2M space. Okay, so what do we mean when we say 'comms agnostic'? Simply put we mean that with Freestyle's innovative technology, the data on your remote devices (smart-meters, sensors etc.) can travel happily to your back-end, via any (and we really mean ANY) communications medium you choose to use. Cellular, Wi-Sun, ZigBee, WiFi, ZWave, Ethernet, serial, DSL and the rest. We handle it all. Seamlessly. Without a hitch. Whenever and however you want it.


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