Our Freestyle Microengine | FME

Game changing intelligence.

The Freestyle Microengine (FME) is something we're very proud of.
Imagine putting a tiny (and clever) robot into your temperature sensors, CO2 fire sensors, pipeline flow and pressure sensors and smart meters for gas, water and electricity consumers - and then having that robot report back to you when and how you'd like while installing any upgrades you've sent it.


Now imagine it responding to emergencies autonomously depending on the information it receives locally (say, alerting tenants to a gas leak and shutting it off) without having to call you up and ask what to do first? (Very handy if the comms link back to your control centre goes down).


The FME along with our M2M Switch is one of our M2M game-changers. It can turn a 'dumb' device into a decision maker (and potential life saver) and all FME enabled devices are 'comms agnostic'. This means they can use any industry standard communication protocol for wireless and fixed lines such as 3G, ZigBee, Ethernet, WiMax, DSL etc. to communicate with our M2M Switch and then on to you.


The FME is astoundingly flexible. It can support simple battery operated devices right through to complex environments with thousands of devices. This means the same control and management platform can be used for all your devices - from simple to complex - and from a range of manufacturers. Peace of mind, simplicity and savings (time and money).


"So, can I build the FME into my devices?" But of course! Freestyle supplies FME Software Development Kits (SDKs) to all eco system partners. The SDK provides all of the development tools and framework required for device level integration.


Would you like to talk to us about how the Freestyle Microengine can be the game changing difference for you?


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