Freestyle's intelligent Machine-to-Machine solution for Chunghwa Telecom

August 13th 2014

Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan's largest telecommunications provider commissioned Freestyle Technology to deploy the Freestyle M2M Switch to replace their current industry model of an individual proprietary solution for each customer.


Freestyle's M2M Switch - a cloud based M2M platform - provided Chunghwa Telecom with the ability to create 'customer specific' graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for each of their M2M vertical markets.


Chunghwa Northern Taiwan Business Group has developed and deployed 'CHTGMS' a solution for the Taiwanese Gas Industry utilising Freestyle's M2M Switch Platform.


Shin-Tao Natural Gas Company is the first company to utilise CHTGMS. Chunghwa's user interface allows Shin-Tao to remotely manage and control M2M devices such as smart meters, gas mains control values and CO2 Fire sensors (mains or battery powered) over Chunghwa's secure, scalable, ubiquitous telecommunication infrastructure. The user interface has been integrated into Shin-Tao's backend systems to provide support for billing, GIS and maintenance.


As part of the CHTGMS end-to-end solution, Chunghwa Telecom is deploying Freestyle's Microengine (FME) technology, which is an open application environment designed to be easily incorporated into M2M devices such as industrial or residential gateways, smart meters, appliances and sensors. The FME provides Chunghwa with the ability to download applications directly to M2M devices. It also allows M2M customers to use remotely distributed intelligence for automation, control and monitoring without the need to always communicate with back-end systems. For example; if a remote fire sensor is triggered this sensor not only has the ability to shutoff gas flow to its associated gas meter but also to all of the meters on the floors directly above and below, it can also notify the gas company, individual customers as well as the fire department.


Chunghwa's solution provides their customers with a migration path from proprietary solutions to an open and fully interoperable environment irrespective of the device vendor's equipment. Chunghwa's solution accelerates Taiwan's gas industry from simple meters to an interoperable, Intelligent Gas Grid by providing a single platform that supports a vast range of devices. The platform is scalable in line with customer requirements and future proof as a result of the ability to download applications to enhance devices post deployment as individual customer needs evolve.


"This deployment is significant for Freestyle and validates the leadership of our technology," said Mohan Jesudason, Managing Director at Freestyle Technology. He added, "Chunghwa Telecom is a regional leader and innovator within the global telecommunications community and our technology provides Chunghwa Telecom with the ability to address different M2M markets from a single platform, providing additional revenue streams for minimal additional expenditure."


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