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The assets of Freestyle Technology Limited were purchased by X2M Connect Limited.



It's a bold statement but it's what we do, what we're good at, and what we've been doing since 2006. We take the promise of M2M - the 'Internet of things' - and make it a reality. The data you want, from any device (even 'dumb' devices thanks to our FME) delivered to you the way you want it. And since our technology delivers 'true' M2M the data can go both ways.


Imagine thousands of remote devices, talking with each other, their end-users and your team, across any medium and regardless of the devices' heritage. Now imagine your team remotely reading, directing and even updating these devices via our cloud-based M2M Switch. Seamlessly. That's Freestyle's game changer and why you need to speak to a Freestyle engineer about M2M 'our way'. Freestyle, We Connect your World.


Freestyle IoT Overview.


Game changing intelligence.


In the field.
IoT | Freestyle IoT Overview

Control, feedback and responsiveness like never before, with clever touches such as a single, interoperable platform to operate and maintain all your different vendor devices, with none of the teething issues, potential bugs or development lag time of a proprietary system. Your devices, your data, your way.

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Freestyle Microengine | FME

The Freestyle Microengine is a true M2M game-changer. It's intelligent, it's as autonomous as you'd like it to be, it can turn 'dumb' devices into decision makers (and potential life savers) and it doesn't care which industry standard communication protocol you choose to hook it up to. Welcome to M2M 2.0.

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Freestyle in the field

Chunghwa Telecom, As part of their CHTGMS end-to-end solution, is deploying Freestyle's Microengine (FME) technology, which will give Chunghwa the ability to download applications directly to M2M devices such as industrial or residential gateways, smart meters, appliances and sensors.

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The Environment matters.

Our technology helps utilities significantly reduce their environmental impact by extending product life-span, conserving power through remote application monitoring and upgrades and helping domestic customers reduce energy usage by providing consumption information to in-house display units. Read more...

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