Chief Customer Officer - Ananda Subbiah's keynote at TM Forum in San Jose

December 10th 2014

Freestyle Technology's Chief Customer Officer Ananda Subbiah was a keynote speaker presenting on "How Internet of Things technologies are transforming utilities" at TM Forum's annual Digital Disruption seminar in San Jose.


During his presentation Ananda discussed specific real world implementations (and real world implications) of how IoT technology is helping foster richer relationships between utilities and energy consumers and enable the rise of the digital utility.


TM Forum's annual Digital Disruption seminar is a bellwether Silicon Valley event which brings together local and global service providers, technology vendors, brands and enterprises to collectively help each other succeed in their digital transformation efforts.


You can review a copy of Ananda's keynote presentation on Slideshare - please click here to view. 


Energy Utilities are experiencing a perfect storm of grid defection - new distributed energy technologies, recommendation websites and other disrupters are eating into the traditional relationship between consumers and utilities. As each consumer moves away from the energy grid, cost pressures mount up on those remaining consumers - accelerating and perpetuating the defection cycle.


Smart meters are often held up as shining examples of innovation in this traditionally static sector. But automatic meter reading and variable tariffs are just the start of applying innovation to improve the value of utilities to their end customers. 


Freestyle Technology is delivering a new generation of IoT technology which is enabling utilities to apply genuine innovation - public safety, energy management, property security, asset management... by pushing out new applications to the customer edge as business needs dictate.


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