Freestyle Technology Inks Partnership with Foxconn

July 2nd 2018

Australian Tech Company Freestyle Technology Partners with the Makers of the iPhone

Freestyle Technology has inked a key partnership with Foxconn Technology Group; a multinational electronics contract manufacturing company with headquarters in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan. Considered to be the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer, Foxconn are best known for the manufacture of BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation, Wii, and the Xbox. Foxconn factories manufacture an estimated 40% of all consumer electronics sold worldwide.


In addition, Foxconn have deployed a low-power wide-area LoRaWAN-based network across large parts of Taiwan.


Freestyle Technology currently has the largest smart gas deployments in Taiwan, to over 10,000 homes and has been contracted to do many times more over the coming years.


Foxconn will partner with Freestyle Technology to jointly advance IoT solutions in Taiwan, including a 2-year period where Foxconn will actively promote Freestyle. This will entail the use of Foxconn's LoRaWAN network and Freestyle's interoperable gas/water/electricity utility IoT solutions for home and public safety, billing accuracy and leak detection.


This partnership with Foxconn will complement our partnership with Chunghwa Telecom, where our solutions use their 3G, 4G and NB-IoT networks. This goes to the heart of Freestyle’s value in offering solutions that are interoperable across any network type." said Freestyle Technology Managing Director and CEO Mohan Jesudason.


Recently Freestyle was highly commended in the Finals of the 2018 Australian IoT awards for Best Municipal Project for their deployment of smart water meters to more than 24,000 homes in the Gochang province in South Korea.  


Freestyle Technology focuses on IoT solutions for essential services such as electricity, gas and water and successfully deployed a smart building proof of concept in Japan. This IoT technology will effectively and efficiently control and regulate environmental control systems in office blocks with the first trial in a smoking room. 




Media Contact:

Sundar Iyer, GM Global Products & Markets





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