Freestyle Technology signs partnership agreement with Dimension Data Japan and Omron Corporation

May 21st 2018


Freestyle Technology signs major partnership with Dimension Data Japan and Omron Corporation

Partnership to undertake advanced smart building energy saving trial for Japan


Leading Australian Internet of Things (IoT) software company Freestyle Technology has partnered with Omron Corporation and Dimension Data Japan Inc., to trial an innovative smart building energy saving concept for Japan. The deal extends Freestyle’s APAC reach to Japan and unlocks new growth opportunities in the $99 billion building automation market.


Freestyle targets the $723B IoT market with a focus on deploying IoT solutions in the essential services sector of water, wastewater, gas, electricity and street lighting networks in the Asia Pacific market - a market that currently represents 36% of global IoT industry revenue

The trial will use Freestyle Technology’s IoT platform and Omron’s human-detection sensors to tackle the problem of smart building operations in variable and high volume traffic environments. Dimension Data Japan will oversee the project, which will be carried out in a Tokyo-located building owned by NTT Urban Development Corporation.


The market needs of office buildings and commercial facilities are becoming more and more diverse, while building operators are seeking to reduce maintenance costs. This test will seek to create a new service that uses IoT technology to deal with these and other issues in building operation. The site chosen for the test is a smoking room. While no longer permitted by law in Australian workplaces, smoking rooms are still common in Japanese office buildings.


Smoking rooms in Japanese office buildings are serviced by power hungry ventilation systems. As one example of smart-building technology, the project will use human-detection sensors to acquire data on the number of people using the room at any time as well as their position in the room. The test will also use easily installed environmental sensors to acquire data on a variety of parameters, such as temperature, humidity, and CO2, and correlate the data. The results of this analysis will be used to control ventilation in the smoking room in real time, aiming to reduce the burden on the environment while also keeping the building comfortable for tenants. 

Freestyle Technology CEO Mohan Jesudason is excited about the opportunity to carry out this trial in conjunction with Dimension Data Japan and Omron Corporation.


“The need to reduce power consumption in large facilities is growing rapidly. In this exciting project, we apply our existing real-time, edge computing technology to situationally and autonomously control building facilities to achieve significant energy savings,” Mr Jesudason said.


The smart-building proof-of-concept project partnership with Omron and Dimension Data Japan is yet another in a string of wins for Freestyle Technology in Asia. The Melbourne-headquartered company has made rapid headway over the past year with major deployments of its IoT utility solutions in South Korea and Taiwan. The projects in South Korea and Taiwan are world-first deployments of their kind and an example of the advanced thinking about IoT projects in both countries.



Media Contact:
Sundar Iyer
General Manager – Global Products & Markets






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