Freestyle Technology launches Vision by Freestyle™ to enable situational awareness, control & analytical insights for your IoT

February 8th 2018

8 February 2018


Freestyle Technology launches Vision by Freestyle™ to enable situational awareness, control & analytical insights for your IoT


Freestyle Technology (FST), an early mover and leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and turn-key solutions in the APAC utilities vertical, today announces the official launch of Vision by Freestyle™.

Vision by Freestyle™ is a visual situational awareness platform that allows utilities, municipalities, building facility managers and other clients to have real-time insights and control, online or on mobile devices, for all their IoT devices and services.


Vision by Freestyle™ is an exciting advance that gives users of the FST IoT platform greater visual oversight and control of their customers, their services and associated devices. It features an extensible dynamic gadget-based dashboard encompassing alerts, geo-maps, IoT device consumption insights, configuration, command and control actions. It is cloud-based and scalable for millions of devices.


Vision by Freestyle™ is used for the largest Smart Water deployment in South Korea


“We have developed this product working closely with innovative partners and clients in advanced markets such as South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and China. For example, the Smart City of Gochang, Dimension Data Japan, Chunghwa Telecom and Korea Telecom, among others. The result, Vision by Freestyle™, is a multi-lingual and extensible platform, giving users a full suite of features that provides for situational flexibility and analytical insights across a range of end-user environments. The FST IoT platform currently serves over 30,000 customers across 4 countries and processes over 20M data points monthly,” said Mohan Jesudason, CEO and Managing Director of Freestyle Technology.


As used by Dimension Data in a Japanese facility for building (HVAC) energy management


Vision by Freestyle™ features include:


  • Responsive and dynamic design - visual insights online or on mobile for all your IoT devices and services.
  • Multilingual - available in English, Korean, Simplified & Traditional Chinese; Japanese; and additional languages easily added upon request.
  • Security - authenticate users locally through Vision. Provide configurable role-based access to views and data. Intuitive user management and audit trail logging for your system administrator(s). Support segmented corporate, divisional access (i.e. multi-tenant) administration models.
  • Monitor and control - configure user alerts, notifications, device command and control actions individually or through groups.
  • Device and user management - view, add, edit and group users and devices.
  • Building / Utility-specific reports - Device / Gateway Connectivity / Uptime, Outages, Consumption, Pressure (Gas, Water), Temperature, Voltage, Frequency, Current, Power (Electricity), Alerts, Device Geo-maps, Time-series, Forecasting, Bar / Pie / Histogram / Line / Scatter / Box Plot / Multiple Series graph types.
  • Extensible dynamic dashboard –user-configurable gadget-based dashboard. Select or customise gadgets from a pre-built gadget library that encompasses alerts, geo-maps, consumption and IoT device management insights.
  • Export data to CSV, PDF, PNG, JPEG and SVG formats.
  • White Label – White-label Vision by Freestyle™ with your own logo and company branding.
  • Rules Engine - Use the optional Director by Freestyle™ Rules Engine add-on to create rule-based visualisations, aggregated and comparative data capture and notifications for additional use cases - leak detection for example.
  • Future - Advanced search, Auto-charting, Outlook/LDAP/AD integration, Lasso map data points, more industry KPIs, access to external data sources (e.g. CRM, GIS, ERP, Weather, Billing).

Vision by Freestyle™ library of visualisation gadgets to improve decision-making



About Freestyle Technology
Freestyle Technology, an Australian innovator in Enterprise and Government IoT (Internet of Things), is focused on deploying IoT solutions in the essential smart city services sector of water, gas, electricity, and embedded building networks. The company currently serves customers in Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and ASEAN. Website: 


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