Freestyle Technology wins again in South Korea

January 31st 2018

MEDIA RELEASE: Monday, January 31, 2018


Freestyle Technology wins again in South Korea


Freestyle Technology (FST), an early mover and leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and turn-key solutions in the APAC utilities vertical, today announced another important win with the South Korean Municipality of Gimje signing contracts after a public bidding process.


Freestyle Technology will supply the Municipality of Gimje with smart water meters, wireless communications and a water management and control platform that provides end to end visibility of all water assets, improved leak detection, automated meter reading and the ability to gauge the wellbeing of elderly citizens through water usage monitoring.


Gimje, South Korea


The rollout, encompassing an initial 2,300 homes, will commence in February 2018 and is due for completion in June 2018.


This win comes on the back of a 2017 contract in Gochang, the first South Korean Municipality with a blanket deployment of smart water meters onto an IoT platform. Freestyle successfully handed over the 24,104 household rollout in December 2017.


“This shows Freestyle’s significant success in IoT-enablement of utility functions across Asia in competitive, advanced markets,” said Freestyle Technology Managing Director and CEO Mohan Jesudason.


A recent IDC report on IoT adoption across Asia-Pacific nations (excluding Japan) found South Korea topped the IoT Readiness Index, scoring very highly on IoT spend as a percentage of GDP. The result confirms South Korea’s position as one of the world’s leading markets for IoT technology and one of the biggest spenders on IoT technology.


Freestyle Technology, which holds 40 patents with another 58 pending, has also won contracts in Taiwan, Japan and China for IoT-enablement of utility services including remote automated meter management, pressure management, energy management and leak detection. The company currently serves over 30,000 customers across 4 countries and processes over 20M transactions monthly.


“Complementing our overseas deployments, is our Australian deployed IoT-enabled microgrid to national grid orchestration using our patented IoT enabled distributed intelligence solution which drives energy savings and resource efficiencies, another wonderful Australian innovation story” Mr. Jesudason said.


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