Freestyle Technology Highly Commended at 2018 Australian IOT Awards

June 6th 2018

Freestyle Technology Highly Commended in First Showing at the Australian IOT Awards.

The annual Australian Internet of Things (IoT) Festival was held in Melbourne in June to promote and celebrate all things IoT in Australia. Commonly known as the fourth Industrial Revolution, IoT is the network of physical devices including vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity. Freestyle Technology are one of the companies leading the way in creating IoT solutions and were highly commended in the category of Best Municipal Project.


“We are delighted to be highly commended for the success of the largest-scale IoT-enabled Smart Water deployment in Korea. At Gochang, our patented system has saved over 200 lives to date and has detected millions of dollars of water leakage. Freestyle Technology has had significant success in IoT-enablement of utility functions across Asia in competitive, advanced markets, success we are now replicating here in Australia with innovative projects in the areas of IoT-enabled microgrid orchestration and billing accuracy for gas utilities," said Freestyle Technology Managing Director and CEO Mohan Jesudason.



The Freestyle Technology display stand attracted much attention and networking opportunities from key industry players from which further opportunities have arisen. Freestyle Technology’s Gochang Municipality smart water deployment project in South Korea is the largest of its kind, encompassing over 24,000 homes in the region, and was successfully rolled out in December of 2017. In Taiwan, Freestyle Technology’s smart gas deployments are also that country’s largest.


The Australian IoT awards have been running since 2017 by the IoT Hub, which is a website dedicated to IoT in Australia.  There is huge potential for IoT in the Australian economy, estimated to be $116B by 2025, and currently $723B worldwide.  Freestyle Technology has led the way in IoT in Australia and overseas, recently announcing contract wins in South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, where the uptake and utilisaton of this technology is accelerating. The Asia Pacific market accounts for around 36% of revenue globally for IoT uptake. 


Freestyle Technology focuses on IoT solutions for essential services such as electricity, gas and water and has plans in the works to evolve a successfully deployed smart building proof of concept in Japan. This IoT technology will effectively and efficiently control and regulate environmental control systems in office blocks with the first completed trial in a smoking room. 


Media Contact:

Sundar Iyer, GM Global Products & Markets





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